7 years 3 days

Wow! Who knew, right? Back around day 1 I don’t think I believed I would actually see 7 years sober. Just getting through the day was accomplishment enough. Just falling asleep every night knowing I had made it through another day was amazing. But 7 years? Mind blown 🙂

I can now say that I can go a week or more without thinking about drinking, but then there are days where I do have to pull in the reins. I still think about it. I will always think about it. I wish I didn’t and maybe at the 25 year mark or when I’m dead, I won’t think about it any longer. Don’t know. . . But the tool box is always there. I may need to dig deep to remember what’s in it, but I will never let it go. I will not go back to drinking. If I were to, it would destroy me.

After the first time I quit (Sept 13 to about May 15), I drank more than I had previously. If I was not working I probably would have started drinking upon awaking. But I did work 8-5 M-F. So I drank before I got home and then into the evening, every evening. I just feel that if I fall off the wagon again, I would fall really hard.

But enough of the sad and dour thoughts. . . I am doing really well. I am very proud to claim 7 years. I look forward to claiming 7 more. Actually, I look forward to claiming 7 years and one more day, then one more day after that. You with me? 🙂

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3 Responses to 7 years 3 days

  1. Ainsobriety says:

    I feel the same. Drinking again wouldn’t be pretty at all.

  2. MrsMac says:

    7 years, well done! It’s such an achievement 👏 but I’m also pleased you are still conscious about using your Toolbox when needed. I recently started thinking about drinking again after 6+ years. I was shocked by my thoughts and had to pull out and dust off the Toolbox. I am still happy and sober but it was a wake up call not to be so complacent.

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations!!!
    I am the same! Most of the time, no thoughts, but once in awhile, I use my tools!
    Happy 7 Years!!!!

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