long time no write. . .

I was so involved in getting set up for my trip to Iceland that I didn’t have a chance to write any updates.  Not that many have happened.

It was wonderful to be on a vacation to such a great place without having to deal with alcohol.  Although Reykjavik is known for it’s party atmosphere and drinking.  The cost for a beer alone is $10 – burgers ran about $15 – So drinking was out of the question anyway as I was on a limited budget.

But recently, after being home I have had an increased desire to step out for a drink.  It’s been a strong urge – one of those where you almost don’t think about it.  It just grabs your brain and you almost head to the door without thought – ready to head to the nearest pub to satisfy that urge.  Then I would come to my senses, trying to determine what was causing this “need” for a drink.  It could boil down to either just being hungry or possibly lonely.  Either way, I so far have always chosen to stay home.

I’m at day 943


still astounds me I’ve made it this far. . .

Namaste y’all


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5 Responses to long time no write. . .

  1. That’s wonderful!!

  2. furtheron says:

    Every new day sober is a good day – here’s looking for to day 1000 which isn’t far away

  3. WOW – just wow!!! It is so hard to read posts like yours – that even after 943 days the pull can still be there – but it is also very nice to know that it is possible to stay the course. Thank you for showing me that it can be done. One day at a time – you got this. Alcohol is so cunning and baffling and sneaky and just plain awful. Stay true to your new self. A.

  4. Debbie says:

    Jami!! You’re back! I’ve missed you 🙂

  5. Thanks Debbie for the lovely comment on my blog. Even at 5 years I get a fleeting thought about cold white wine, and then it’s gone. I think that’s just part of being sober. You’re doing Great, treat yourself to something really special when you hit 1000 days, you’re worth it!

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