a memory

I quit drinking in September 2013 and relapsed in April 2015. I quit again in Feb 2016 and am still sober. I was still in the early stages when I remember speaking with https://byebyebeer.wordpress.com because she had just passed her 5 year mark. I could not believe someone could actually be sober that long. Being able to reach out to her to see what she had done and how she kept at it was remarkable. It was just so nice to have someone in my corner, someone who had done it. And look at her now. Still writing and still sober 🙂

If you are going through a rough patch or just need reassurance, you can reach out to just about everyone on this site. They are or have been where you are. You are not alone.

Have a wonderful day!

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2 Responses to a memory

  1. byebyebeer says:

    Debbie!! So wonderful to see your post. I hope you’re well. I remember those early days and how important the connection with others was. We were never going about it alone. Hope to hear more from you…be well and thanks for the mention!

  2. Hi Debbie!
    There is a world of people to help us!

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