odd how some things affect me

It’s been a stressful year – for me anyway.  Lots of moving, lots of planning for my trip to Iceland, lots of stress about my rental home, my 15 year old cat’s health is failing, I’m not feeling 100% or even CLOSE to that.

And that’s my summary 🙂

All this leading to my newest observation – I still need the sugar.  I’ll start at the beginning.

I began a new keto-like diet (Wahl’s Protocol) in March.  I wanted to see if eating no carbs and eating a more natural diet would help ease my RA symptoms as well as make me feel more awake and present.  I have been eating WAY TOO much sugar on a daily basis and wanted to stop that craving.

This was all while living in a double garage being renovated into a 1 bedroom apartment. The apartment had no kitchen yet and no hot water.  Fortunately, it was my daughter’s home so I could go cook over there, use her refrigerator and take showers.  But what a hassle.  Not conducive to meal prep but I did the best I could.

I also hired a personal trainer to help get me in shape for my Iceland trip coming up mid-summer.  So I’ve been working out 2x’s a week with him and hiking (rappelling, canyoneering) on the weekends.   Trying to stay on a good diet while doing all this just wasn’t helpful.  And not having the carbs to keep my energy levels up was noticeable.

Then I moved again into a real apartment that had a shower and kitchen :).   I am so tired of moving.  Anyway, with all this happening, I found all I could think about was going to a bar and getting a drink.  The stress was killing me and having no sugar made me think about alcohol.   It was so tempting.  It was like, in my head, I was thinking “Well, if I can’t have the ice cream/candy bar/chocolate, then I’ll go have a drink”  You’d think after 2 years and 5 months, that wouldn’t come up.  But it did.  It was not the usual witching hour or craving, it was just the desire to “stop my madness” with all the moves and changes and go sit in a bar and drink.  Seemed like a normal conclusion and it shouldn’t be.

So, of course, I went out and bought a gallon of ice cream.  So much for no sugar.  That was scary and I’d rather crave the sugar than the alcohol.  Can’t believe that after all this time, I still need something.

Hopefully, now being in a place with no renovations, I can settle back into a routine of good eating and healthy living!  haha

Thanks for listening

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4 Responses to odd how some things affect me

  1. ainsobriety says:

    I followed a keto diet for a long time. I found it good for energy and fitness once I got used to it, but it was not always good for my mood and mental health. You really have to make sure you are eating sufficient calories and fat.

    I have found eating low carb with some allowance for treats works best. Especially if I am under stress.

    Food is a complicated thing. I threw my scale away years ago. I’m an ok weight. I feel ok.

    I have a different form of arthritis and celiac disease. I can’t say that low carb was helpful for joint pain. I actually had better luck using Ayurveda, which had me eating way more carbs.


    • Debbie says:

      You are always a wealth of info, Anne! My weight is currently too low and that has me concerned. I eat lots of fat and proteins but am thinking I need carbs in there. Well, I’m going to wait until things settle down and I’m back from my trip before I dive into a change in diet! Appreciate your thoughts!

  2. I think there are as many different eating plans as there are bodies out there.
    After having digestion problems for years, I am trying more of a vegan/with fish but no diary, and I am in heaven.
    If we listen to our bodies a bit, we can make a eating plan that works best for us.

    • Debbie says:

      Hey Wendy, you are so right. Every BODY is different. Besides butter, I too cut out the dairy, but again, probably didn’t do it for long enough to notice. I’m so glad to see hear from you and hope you are doing well. How long has it been for you now?

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