2 years came and went

and I hardly noticed.  Don’t know if I should have made a big deal about it or not.  I still have some deep thoughts about wanting a drink.  I talk myself out of it rather quickly but the thoughts are STILL there.  I want to relax like I did before but without the continued drinking.  I know I can’t and that’s what stops me from even starting.  I just haven’t found whatever it is that can help me ‘unwind’ at the end of a day like a couple glasses of wine.  aaaahhhh

But on to more exciting stuff.  I’m headed to Iceland this summer for 16 days.  So E.X.C.I.T.E.D.!!!

I will be blogging about it.  I am still trying to figure out a way to upload the photos so they are “real time” but I won’t have a laptop, and I’m using a ‘real’ Canon camera – not my iPhone.  Although the phone may be what I use so some of the pix get on the blog!

My first post goes out April 1 and will continue with a post every few weeks until the big event.  Go to wanderlust after 60 after April 1.

Because of having 2 years of sobriety and feeling more aware and in the “now”, I have the strength and wherewithall to do things like skydiving and rappeling and now, hiking Iceland.

Hope you will join me on my newest adventure!



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1 Response to 2 years came and went

  1. What an exciting trip and also treat for being 2 years sober. Enjoy. Looking forward to pictures.

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