checking in

Thanks to all for your well wishes and congratulations on my 1 year mark.  I’ve been busy enough that I haven’t had time to think about drinking.  Thank God.  Must admit that occasionally my mind does wander when I pass my local watering holes – doing a remember when and how nice it would be to stop in.  But it’s only a remembrance and I keep driving.  No witching hour pangs.

I hate all the booze commercials on TV.  I get hit with the “if onlys” when I see those, but Coke has come out with a new one that seems to hit the booze ads in the gut for me.  The BBQ burgers and people enjoying their Coke not a beer 🙂  Every now and then, a Coke does hit the spot!!

All is good in the world.  It’s still there and will never go away, but I seem to have found a nailed box to keep it in that I put on the top shelf and forget about.  Yes, one day at a time, but the days are now much calmer.

Thanks all 🙂  Happy Thursday

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3 Responses to checking in

  1. Aw. So nice to hear that is the place you are in. I have read many of your posts over the last year on my journey and remember how you struggled. I find I now have peace as well. The genie is it the bottle and I seem to forget about her entirely now for long stretches.

  2. I am happy all is well, Deb!
    I am glad your box is nailed shut!
    Mine is too!

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