a must read. . .

Had to jump in here and let you all know that I just finished reading Mrs. D is Going Without’s book by the same name.  A shout out to Mrs. D for such a wonderful look into the lives of us alcoholics from the end to the beginning.  So honest, so revealing, so truthful, so REAL.

She did a marvelous job of spelling it out – how it feels to be addicted and have that non-stop chatter in your head about the booze FOR MONTHS after putting it down.  Giving tips and hints on how she handled different circumstances.  This was HER story but in so many ways, it is all of ours. Sure, our beginnings may be different, our lowest of lows may be different, but when all is said and done, we all experience the same guilt, despair, hatred, and anger with ourselves for continuing to drink.  We also share the same brain battles at the beginning of sobriety that a normie just doesn’t get.  We totally ‘get’ those pink clouds.  And Mrs. D relates it all in a wonderful tale of survival.

Kudos Mrs. D and thanks so much for writing your story.

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3 Responses to a must read. . .

  1. Thank you for telling us!

  2. Glad to hear from you Deb. Doing ok? I believe she’s working on a second book right now about living sober.

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