a trip to remember

Time to check in.  The sugar addiction still continues. . . I’ll worry about that later 🙂

Took my ‘summer’ vacation with my two oldest grand boys the week of June 26.  Lots of driving, but they handled it really well.  Of course, the DVD player had a lot to do with that. It was roads I had never traveled, so a totally new experience for me.  Wyoming (in some spots) is really beautiful.

I thought about having “a” drink a couple of times on our adventure.  The first night in Keystone, SD, we went out to dinner and I did order an NA beer.  Tasted pretty good, but geez, $3.95?  Guess I’m just a cheapskate but water will do just fine, thank you!

We experienced the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD and saw lots of bones from many thousands of years ago.  We dared to ride the Alpine Slide in Keystone and played with dinosaurs in Rapid City.


We were mesmerized by the faces in stone;


and conquered the trail around Devils Tower.


Ziplining was at the top of the boy’s list of truly fun things to do.

Foz zip  con zip

Bison found their way in front of our car.  Yellowstone was really amazing. Such a wonderous place!

IMG_0450  IMG_0510 IMG_0492

Seeing the Grand Tetons and enjoying a trip down the Snake River were a ‘must do’ on our list.


I survived without a drink and grateful that I did.  Can you imagine trying to do all the things we did with a hangover?  Yuck. And getting up at 5:00am a couple of mornings – can you imagine 😦   Yes, there were times when having an alcoholic beverage sounded just DIVINE, but I had to let that craving pass. And I can’t say it enough – I am SO glad I was able to avoid the pull to drink.  This trip was one we will always look back on as being one of the best. I think a lot of that had to do with my being sober.

So grateful to have had this adventure with my boys!

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5 Responses to a trip to remember

  1. thenewnewguy says:

    Wonderful! So glad you had a great trip and created all these memories. And it really is so much better sober, isn’t it? Especially the mornings.

  2. How cool, I look forward to when my grands are older and we can travel, problem is I’ll probably be in diapers and a chair by then, damn. Looks like you had a wonderful, jam packed vacation. Good for you! Sober is better any day.

  3. noddysober says:

    So happy for you!! Amazing pics. It looks like you had a fantastic time.sober. Awesome. X

  4. Hi Debbie!
    Very happy you had an awesome time!
    My sober vacations have been wonderful!
    I am so much happier!

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