tues 6/7

Life’s been good. Baby and mom are doing well.

So, let me check real quick. . .I’m at 123 days – 4 months in.   Wow.  Had my first drinking dreams the past few nights.  I don’t drink in them, but I have people who keep telling me that I can have just one.  It’s so hard to make them understand that I can’t have just one. Crazy.

I think what got me thinking (or dreaming) about it was my recent trip with my best bud. Her sister is having some serious medical issues due to an accident she had years ago. Recently, she had to be put in the hospital.  Before her release, her other sister went through her apartment and made sure all the hidden booze was removed.  You see, the woman is an alcoholic.  And she is having a VERY difficult time choosing to quit – because she doesn’t want to.  (Been there, done that?)

Her family hopes she will come to realize that she can’t continue to drink if she wants to avoid those frequent trips to the hospital.  They just want her to stop. They love her and want her to get better. Sadly, I understand where her head is.  She cannot stop.  She has a love affair going on that is just too hard to break (to state it ever so simply).  Yes, it can be done but sometimes saving even your own life may not be enough justification to quit that romance.  It’s just not that easy – as many of you out there can agree. It’s very sad, isn’t it?  The strength of the booze is incredible and unless you have had that kind of addiction, you cannot understand how hard it is to just put it aside – life or death.  Unless you truly want to.


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6 Responses to tues 6/7

  1. noddysober says:

    Congrats on 4 months! Truly amazing! you have done the hardest part. Sad to hear about your friends sister. This is a deadly disease. The sad part is there is nothing you can do to make someone stop, they have to want it for themselves. She’ll be in my prayers tonight.

  2. Happy 4 Months!!
    I have a 2 new great nieces and they are so cute!

  3. Congrats on your four months! Go Deb! Sorry about your friend, there but for the grace of God, etc., etc. hardest thing I’ve ever done. I hope she realizes that her life is worth more than the contents of a bottle. Tragic.

  4. jmcraig2014 says:

    Great Deb that you are at 123 the days add up quickly, sorry about your friends mother, it is sad but maybe this time will be the charm for her.

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