consider it ‘checked’

Had an awesome week with my best bud last week.  Road trip extraordinaire 🙂  Lots of good food, some hiking, a “to DIE for” hot river rock massage (and the best night’s sleep EVER), shopping, and of course – SKYDIVING


White knuckling !!!


The jump!


The parachute is open 🙂

Next up on my agenda, a new grandbaby!  Soon, VERY soon.

It’s great to be sober!

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11 Responses to consider it ‘checked’

  1. AWESOME!!!
    I loved my experience too!!
    It SO fun!!

  2. Fucking Nuts. I can do the grandbabies but not the jump! One very brave lady, you’ve got guts, even if you’re a little crazy! My bucket list does NOT include skydiving!

    • Debbie says:

      LOL Probably (fucking nuts)!! My bucket list did not include the jump either. I hadn’t even given it any thought EVER until my BFF said she wanted to do it back in February. Funny how things happen!

  3. Good for you! Sky diving ROCKS! I did it a few years back and loved it from start to finish – and I am not someone who usually likes a physical challenge. I don’t even like going on the swings in a park. What is a hot river rock massage? It sounds divine….x

  4. Ginger Groundhog says:

    Oh my god check you out!! That is awesome, well done you for going through with it. That is really fantastic. Let us know when the grand baby lands too. 😊

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