I amaze myself 🙂  Day 104 – where did the time go?  Back in October, November, December, January – all those months I wanted to quit SO badly but just could not lessen the grip I had on the proverbial bottle.  I was at my worst EVER.  Drinking nightly, admonishing myself upon waking, thinking about where to stop to get some alcohol and what did I want to drink that night, rinse and repeat.  I could not and did not want to stop but knew I was killing myself and missing out on my life.

Everyone knows that someone telling you that you need to quit just doesn’t work if you aren’t ready.  I could have talked myself blue in the face and still not stopped.  I don’t remember the night of Feb 3 – not that I had a black out or anything, I just don’t remember what I was doing. . . drinking heavily?  drinking moderately? Anyway — what I do remember is that on Thursday, Feb 4, I just didn’t drink.  My body/brain/soul just said NO.

And 104 days later, it’s still saying no.  When it’s time, you know it.

I’m off to go jump out of a plane. (that’s my son in the photo but will be me next week!)



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9 Responses to 104

  1. Congratulations on 104 Deb you rock. I’m very proud of you. As for jumping out of a plane, I think that’s fucking crazy!

    • Debbie says:

      LOL! Thanks, Sharon. My BBF wanted us to do something for our 60th birthdays this year, and that’s what she wanted. So, there you go. I’m scared shitless, but hey, what the hell, right?

  2. thenewnewguy says:

    104 days is amazing. You should be very proud!

  3. thirstystill says:

    Hooray you! Congrats on 104 days. And skydiving too! xo

  4. Ginger Groundhog says:

    As you know I follow you closely as I should be on roughly the same day – except for the drinking! I read this and think wow, you are amazing, I see you say where did the time go and I think that I am stuck on the same day (hence my very apt moniker) what I also see in you is someone throwing themselves wholeheartedly into life and really having a great time while she is at it. You really really should be so proud of yourself, I am and I barely know you. Keep on going and doing and telling us all about it.

  5. FitFatFood says:

    I am so pleased to read this!!!! Well done

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