the big nine-OH

That’s right – I hit the 90 day mark today.  No parades or streamers or parties or anything. I’ve eaten MORE than my share of birthday cake from my granddaughter’s birthday party on Sunday, so I’m good 🙂

I have not had to fight many demons during this 90 day period.  Fewer battles in my brain. On an upside, that is AWESOME!  The struggle hasn’t been nearly as bad as it was the first time and that is a blessing for sure.  On the downside, not having those frequent fights doesn’t keep me on my toes for when one does come.  That make sense?  Because I don’t have the daily flat out, knock down drag out battle in my brain, I feel like such a wimp when the alcohol cries out to me.

Last night after acupuncture, I really wanted a drink. REALLY  So, when I got in my car, I pulled out the sandwich and chips I had made for my dinner on the drive home.  After downing more than 1/2 of it before I even backed out of the lot, I was better 🙂  All’s well with the world.

Looking forward to the next 9000 days  . . . (hehe)

happy dance

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6 Responses to the big nine-OH

  1. Sharon says:

    Congrats on 90 Deb. Awesome

  2. noddysober says:

    Fantastic. Well done on 90 days! So pleased for you! X

  3. Ginger Groundhog says:

    So so so happy for you, that is a great achievement. I don’t know if I would so you are a wimp because seems to me you must have tackled each one of those cravings correctly as you have made it 90 days without caving to the craving (I am copywriting that ha ha) Thrilled for you 😃 Onward to 9000………..

  4. noddysober says:

    Fantastic!! Congrats on 90 days! Life will get better and better for you.

  5. Yay!! Happy 90 plus days!!

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