oh the things you can do

Wow – a weekend spent not drinking, with great (almost) weather, a large to-do list and an overnight with my 23 month old granddaughter….. doesn’t get any better OR more productive than that.

I started to list all that I had done, but even I found that quite boring, and no one wants to hear about me mowing my weedy lawn or spraying out my garage for some spring cleaning.

Needless to say, none of the 17 items I had on my list would have been completed had I had a drink at any time during that 48 hours.

From one ex-drinker to another – remember the good days and ‘use’ them when you are having a bad one.  Remind yourself that your life is SO much better without the alcohol. I may still want a beer after mowing the lawn, but we all know where that leads.  And I don’t want to go there, ever.


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3 Responses to oh the things you can do

  1. Life is better!

  2. ainsobriety says:

    I did a lot too. I find it funny that after two and a half years I still marvel at how much I accomplish when I don’t drink on the weekends. But maybe that’s important. Constant reinforcement that life truly is better.


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