To update those who were interested in hearing about my acupuncture adventure –  I had an initial visit with the acupuncturist where we spoke for about 30 minutes.  I think it was mostly for him to be sure I understood what acupuncture was about and to verify that I wanted to continue.

The second visit was a 2 hour visit which included going over my medical history and what issues I was currently experiencing.  We discussed my alcohol addiction, my chronic fatigue, my memory loss and foggy brain, my bowel movements – you name it, we talked about it.  The last 1/2 hour, he did some work on me with a max of 8 needles.  Nothing big, just a jump start I suppose.

Third visit, or #1 visit where treatment was full-on.  I was there an hour.  He put approximately 30-35 needles in me from head (literally the top of my head) to toes.  I lay prone for about 25 minutes – I guess, as there was no clock and I have no idea how long it took him to insert all the needles in me.  He came back in, took them out and we talked about how I was feeling. I went home.  That was Thursday evening.  Friday I actually felt like I had more stamina at 3pm in the afternoon.

#2 full-on visit, way more intense.  As he was inserting the needles in me, I asked him if he had a needle that could take away my cravings as the last few days had been REALLY BAD. And he said, “well, yes, not a needle but seeds!”  He said he would give me some seeds to stick in my ear {which has been known to help people with addictions}.  So Furtheron – same idea as the needles in the ears.  I currently (day after) have about 8 or 9 tiny bandaids in and around my ear with seeds underneath them.  Every few hours, I’m to push/rub/move the seeds just a little bit to put some pressure in the spots where the seeds are resting.  I leave them on my ear for 3 to 5 days.  We shall see.

As for the rest of #2 visit, besides the 30 or so needles, he also did a cupping procedure. Odd, to say the least.  I could not see him because I was on my stomach with my head in that hole in the front of the table, but it seemed he heated a glass bowl/cup then placed it on my back.  It automatically became a suction cup and sucked my skin up into it.  He then moved it around on my back to pull the oxygen and blood around.  I now have HUGE hickies on my back!  hahaha  He said they should go away in a few days.  I have serious tension in my back and shoulders so he is trying to get me to relax.

It’s been a truly different experience for me.  I have 10 total visits in my “package” plus he is giving me one for free (another story).  So this Thursday, I go in for visit #3.  I am excited to see where I am by my 7th or 8th treatment.  I have high hopes that I feel better and have more clarity in my brain.

Day 70

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3 Responses to acupuncture

  1. I just finished acupuncture for my back.
    It helped with pain.
    I hope you get relief, too!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Keep us updated on how your journey continues. Happy 70!

  3. furtheron says:

    Not heard of the seed thing but the number tallies I think with what I’ve heard thanks. Well done on 70!!

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