rocky mountain high

What a weekend.  A total high.  Saturday I went to a drum birthing.  Very cool.  I made a drum out of moose hide with raw hide holding it together.  It was a group effort and afterwards we named them.  So fun to hang out with such a great group of women.  It took from 9:00am to about 1:45pm to do.  But, this included a quick breakfast and coffee, to instructions, to creating, to eating some lunch, to finishing and naming.  My drum is Dakota Running Wolf.


Sunday was a slow day- got up late, went grocery shopping and then decided that I must treat myself to a pedicure and nails.  So at 11:30am I was in the chair at the salon.


The weather was wonderful.  A cloud free, slightly breezy 65 deg so I put some air in my bike tires and went for an hour+ ride.  Got home about 3:45pm.

Now that’s the way to spend a weekend – with minimal thoughts of drinking.   That pink cloud is still with me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Day 26


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6 Responses to rocky mountain high

  1. thirstystill says:

    So happy to read this. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I love the picture! xo

  2. jmcraig2014 says:

    You sound great, so glad you are back on the light side. Love the drum and the picture

  3. furtheron says:

    Well done of a perfectly excellent recovery day

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks! And from your blog, thanks for the reminder about Paul’s podcast. I started listening when he first started but let it fall by the wayside. Must get back to listening to him. Love that guy.

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