And 3 weeks passed without a hitch.  How odd.  I was walking to work from the bus stop at the station downtown this morning, and an interesting thought came to mind – I felt as though I had not screwed up last year and was just picking up where I left off at day 545 last February.  It was like I might have had a drink, thought oops that was stupid, and continued forward with my sobriety.  And yes, it felt DAMN GOOD.  Now, to hold on to that sense of longevity.

I have an exciting summer coming up – doing lots of things that I’ve not done before – and am embracing it all with joy, enthusiasm, positivity, excitement……well, you get the picture.

Today, all feels right with the (my) world.  Can’t ask for more than that.  One day at a time.

And to all my followers out there – You’ve got this!  It can be done!  Find that spot in you that feels the joy of being sober and hang on to it.  I’m with you on this 🙂  (I hope the picture below puts a smile on your face and makes you ‘light hearted’ for the rest of your day!)


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