s’all good

The 2 week mark.   I really can’t believe how I feel right now.  I remember before, those first few weeks.  They were rough.   It’s hard not to compare how I reacted/felt/dealt the first time around.  To verify that the first 2 weeks last time were difficult, I went back to those posts.  You know, they don’t sound like it was all that hard.  Hmmm   Seemed hard 🙂 Again, the current pink cloud is over my head, but maybe it’s that my head is in a different place/space.  My body, at this point in time, is not panicking.   The back and forth between Ms Crazy and Ms Sensible has not been an issue.  My little devil and little angel are not on my shoulders yelling in my ears.  Again, that pink cloud?

Well, whatever the heck it is, I’m extremely grateful for it.  To mark my 2 week achievement, I colored my gray hair back to medium brown.  That was a boost to looking at least a few years younger.  When I see myself in the elevator (at work) mirror, I see a bounce in my step!  Yesterday morning I actually went to the gym (also at work).  Caught the bus at 6:25am, got to the gym at 6:45am and worked out for just about an hour.  Oh my!  Who IS this person?  hahaha

The only draw back is that desire to have something sweet after dinner.  I mistakenly (LOL) purchased a bag of those Mother’s Circus animal cookies.  You know the ones, covered with frosting!   When those are gone, I have some ice cream in the freezer (yes, freezer this time – not the refrigerator!)  But I am aware of my sugar addiction, and this time around will do better at curbing it.  Last time, I ate a full candy bar every night.  And no, I didn’t gain any additional weight, but holy moly, it was so not good for my body/digestive system. Knowing this, in a few weeks, I will be more diligent about cutting out the night-time sugar intake.

So there you go – another day in the life.  Today, I can’t complain!



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3 Responses to s’all good

  1. thirstystill says:

    I’ve been through the quitting rodeo a few times now, and it’s interesting to see how in some ways each time has been similar, but also each is very different, I guess because each time I was in a different place in my life and was therefore in some ways a different person. I hesitate to give advice on the sugar thing because people have such strong and different opinions on that score. But what seems to be working for me is that I didn’t worry too much about it for the first while, and then I really got sick of eating too much sugar and I made a choice to substitute fruit as my sweet treat, or plain yoghurt with a bit of honey. The sugar demon sure was strong for three months or so, though, and I knew resisting that plus booze was too much to bear. Anyway, great to see you doing so well! Hooray!!! xo

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I replaced booze with sugar the last time. Knowing that, I will let the first few months go without worry, but after that, it’s a must curb. Great tips!

  2. Overcoming addiction is an accomplishment not everyone is familiar with… To be able to stay on the straight and narrow is an even bigger accomplishment… Stay focused and driven… I’m right there with you just in a little different sense… By the way… Loved the cartoon..! http://youtu.be/6F1OhWx27M8

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