so far so good

It’s totally been a pink cloud 6 days for me. Rally LOVELY!! Glad I’m aware of what it is though, or when I get hit, it could be devastating! I have enjoyed the no cravings immensely. It helps me to remember what it was like when I quit before. How much better I felt.

I made two huge meals (a Mexican corn bread with green chiles and hamburger, then a big pan of lasagna). I have 2 more to make week also. I thought maybe if I made a bunch of food that I could turn into leftovers, date the container and put in the freezer, I could eat it over the course of the month or longer and not feel as though I’m repeating my meals so quickly. I had total burnout on some of the items I previously made. Eating the same thing for dinner, then for lunch the next day, then again for another evening meal a day or so later. We’ll see how it goes this time. I just know that having something appetizing to eat right when I get home is CRUCIAL to my survival.

Today is #13 and tomorrow is 2 weeks. Hope the pink clouds stick around for a long while 🙂
happy dance

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3 Responses to so far so good

  1. Two weeks is great!! Go You!! I’m doing the meal thing too. Trying to make some casseroles and freeze them in mini pans for 2 so I can just pull out and pop in the oven. I get tired of leftovers for breakfast, lunch, etc….thought I was the only one – ha!

  2. thirstystill says:

    Congrats on two weeks! I’m so glad you’re feeling good! Freezing meals in advance so you have some variety is a great idea. Hooray you! xo

  3. Oh you’re so smart:) Great idea. Yay week two (almost, but soon!)

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