It’s another very slow day here at work. I’ve played numerous games of Solitaire and Mahjongg plus I’ve finished 4 Evil Websudoku puzzles. I’ve gone on line to view the top headlines on MSN and Yahoo. I’ve checked and rechecked all my emails (gmail (2), yahoo, and hotmail). I’ve been on Facebook more times than I will admit. I ate my lunch, read some of a book, polished off some peanut M&Ms, . . .

It’s 2:30pm MT.

Because I still have 3 hours to kill, thought I might jot a note or two down on my blog. Since my ‘oops’, things have been going well. My urges are minimal again. Yes, I still think about drinking every afternoon, but it’s just a squeak compared to a couple of weeks ago. Cyclical, I tell you, cyclical. Just wish I knew when the down cycles were going to be so I could be better prepared. Now that I say that, what would I do TO prepare that I don’t already do? Interesting point. My first thought would be to be more bold and assertive with my tools. Play them up, stay proactive, get mean (to wolfie, not yourself or anyone else 🙂 ), read my “why I don’t drink” list out loud, focus more intensely on staying active….

Hm, that helped actually. Those are good points for me to remember.

We can become lax and complacent when things seem to be rolling on an even keel, right? I’ll I gotta say is my recent experience was truly white-knuckle, it sucked and it’s over. My sage advise (snicker), be prepared. It can hit at any time.

Chin up, y’all.


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2 Responses to Wednesday

  1. jmcraig2014 says:

    Glad yo hear you are hanging in there Debbie.

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