just shut up already

Had an interesting evening yesterday.  I went to one of those “wine and paint” classes.  I’ve been many times but this one was different.  Maybe it was the table of women I was sitting with – probably.  

Normally I don’t mind or even pay attention to the fact that most everyone has a glass of wine in their space.   I may cast a long, lingering look at the glass but that’s the extent of my desire.  These women at this particular table seemed unable to talk about anything but their wine.  “Oh, I couldn’t live without my glass of wine!”  “Take away (fill in the blank) but don’t take my wine.”  “I can’t imagine not having a glass of wine. . . ”  “Let’s get another round”   It’s not that I wanted to join in on their drink-fest, but the way they were talking about it was like their lives would not exist without wine.  And it just bugged the hell out of me.  I wanted them to shut the F&CK up.   Drink away but don’t let me hear you say how you can’t live without your precious glass of wine. You have NO idea.

Plus, they weren’t very sociable — with me, anyway.  Generally, all those around the table share and talk about stuff, and this group was in their own little click.  Boo hoo – waa waa.  It does sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself, doesn’t it?  But when I think about it, this is one of the few ways for me to get out of the house and be among other people in a social setting. My time to not ‘be alone.’  I take the opportunity to interact and talk to people, and when they don’t respond in kind, it just sucks a little.

Ah, well.  I survived.  No harm no foul.

And, I got a painting to take home with me 🙂

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7 Responses to just shut up already

  1. greg w says:

    Shoot. Now that I’m sober I’m finding that the deeper issue under my drinking is my anger, which is so much more difficult to address. Had i been in your unfortunate and painful position, I would have been unwilling — not unable, unwilling — to hold back and would have likely unwound on the who table. I’m just pretty much put together like that at this time. So I salute you. You are so much further along than I in simply choosing your battles… and you even got a painting out of it.

    • Debbie says:

      Fortunately, anger isn’t a problem for me. And when I think about it, I was just like them. All the girls together, each raving about the joys of wine! Ah, the good old days! hahaha Maybe that got under my skin as well! Thanks for commenting, Greg.

  2. momma bee says:

    I bet their painting SUCKED~ I went to one of those once right after I quit drinking. My big social circle~ i had fun and enjoyed painting, you may have seen on my blog. However there were a few that were there to be social and drink away~ your group missed out on meeting an awesome person. Maybe next time I will meet ya there~!

  3. Perhaps talking about what is right in front of their noses shows the depth of their relationship with each other. Nothing to envy. Your life now extends beyond a glass within arms reach. Lucky you!

  4. Off-Dry says:

    Oh, I’ve spent time around incessant wine-talkers recently and nearly lost my mind–wanted to scream “Is there NOTHING more interesting to talk about than how much you need your wine?!” I didn’t care for those kinds of women even when I was drinking, and I sure don’t now.

    Actually I’ve noticed lately how much our culture (or US culture at least) encourages this kind of obsession. I was shopping for a greeting card recently and god, it seemed like a good third of the ones aimed at women were booze-related. I think it’s supposed to make us feel liberated and modern (so we will keep buying), but personally I hate seeing even normal drinkers reduce themselves to such a narrow sliver of self-definition.

    Hope you at least got a lovely painting out of it. ;-). Kristi

  5. FitFatFood says:

    I get so angry when people say “I’m not going to drink until the weekend” on a Monday, like they’re enduring the worlds worst hardship…

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