sober peace

I feel like I need to write something all the time on here – that feeling of connection and belonging I guess, wanting to express myself and let everyone know how I’m holding up. I read many posts each day and that’s a good thing, but I want to contribute and don’t really have a lot to say any more. I’ve been working on the ‘gratitudes’ recently as well as how it feels being close to a year alcohol free. Those things I will bring out as I get closer to the 365 mark. But for now. . . hm. It’s just daily living, and it’s still pretty amazing that I am sober. And it’s still one day at a time, but those days are SO SO SO much easier. The monkey chatter has subsided CONSIDERABLY 🙂 Meaning to say, it’s mostly gone! Can I get an AMEN with a hallelujah? Wolfie is back there lurking but doesn’t show very often any more for fear of rejection and battering! All in all, it’s been a pretty calm in my neck of the woods – – – I could get used to this.

Trust me, I’m not complacent by any stretch. My tools are always close. There are some days where I actually go the whole day without thinking about drinking. THE WHOLE DAY PEOPLE !!! That’s mind blowing after so many months of having the chatter. And for this, I’m really grateful.

Blessings to all and remember ‘not today’ 🙂 (shit belle says)

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6 Responses to sober peace

  1. Amen to all that! It’s so wonderful when wolfie slinks into the corner.

  2. Lilly says:

    Hallelujah indeed! That is great! And also reminds me why to keep going. I know from my own experience that the longer you go the quieter those voices get but also how with even just one night of drinking again they come roaring back! I think maybe that’s why I’ve struggled so much. I’ve given myself long enough to quiet them but not enough. Anyway, you are doing so great. Onwards to a one year glitter party!! xx

  3. momma bee says:

    AMEN!!! Not today~ keep that bitch in the woods. No Wolfie welcomed here!

  4. AMEN with a hallelujah! Good Lick, yo are doing well my friend…
    Kris The Mom

  5. AMEN with a hallelujah! That was supposed to say “Good Luck, you are doing well my friend…too early in the morning.
    Kris The Mom

  6. Gratitude is always a groovy thing to carry in your pocket and heart 🙂

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