It’s been a while and wanted to get in a note or two. I had a class reunion this weekend. WOW! The last one I went to was my 10 year. This one was my 40. C.R.A.Z.Y. Plus I didn’t actually graduate from this particular school. I had to leave at the end of my junior year. What’s funny is as I was talking to these people at our get together on Friday night, most didn’t even remember that I had moved! ha! Pretty funny.

Of course there was booze everywhere. One good thing – it wasn’t free. Don’t know if that would have made it more difficult or not but just sayin’. I survived and came away unscathed. An alcohol infused drink would have been nice, but I didn’t dwell on it. I had the choice of punch, a soda or NA beer (or water). My BFF doesn’t drink and I was pretty much with her throughout both the Friday and Saturday night events. Made it easier.

One thing a bit unusual for me happened. A guy I pretty much never spoke to in school was at the reunion. I knew of him but don’t even think we said 10 words if that to each other (I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.) We struck up a conversation on Friday night. I was making the circuit and would leave the conversation and go some place else then eventually return to him and who ever he was speaking to. He (and a few other men) kept offering to buy me a drink. I kept politely declining until he came right out and asked me why I wasn’t drinking. So I came straight out and told him I can’t drink because I’m an alcoholic. He was cool with that and all. But he continued to asked me what kind of an alcoholic was I. Like, was I the ‘party girl’. Or was I a drunk or something like that. I wasn’t offended really. He was just asking – curious I suppose, so no big deal. But then at the Saturday soiree, he started asking again. I think this time it was because he was a bit inebriated and possibly forgot he had already asked me the night before.

Oh well, whatever. He’s a nice guy and he asked me if it was okay if he got in touch with me when he was in my city. I told him lunch or dinner would be great. We’ll see. Three strikes . . . .

I have one more reunion coming up in November. Am excited to see how this next ones goes.

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  1. All right!, you did it!

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