dangling on the edge turns ‘1’

Was looking over past posts to see how many day 1’s I really had. (and I noticed my photos are no longer in there – sorry) I began my journey almost a year ago. I started this blog on March 28, 2013. What a journey it has been. Many, many ups and downs. Over the course of these past 12 months, I acquired lots of tools for my box. From each new day 1, I stored away things I learned about the cause and effect of my drinking. It took me a number of tries at the very beginning – those first 6 months. For probably a large percentage of us out there, falling off the wagon is actually a good thing. As long as you learn from these of course! With each fall, you discover more about what your triggers are and put more tools in your box. You learn how to get off the wrong path and veer toward a better one. Once you have acquired these new tools, you need to keep them handy for the rest of your life. Continuing to add to them and making them stronger.

I had 21 day 1’s since March of last year. There were a bunch at first. About 30% of those first day 1’s became day 0’s once evening fell. (or when I saw a liquor store.) But as I began to accumulate 7 days and 14 days between the 1’s, the day 1’s became less and less. One time, I got up to 43 days. That was amazing. Although it took awhile to regain my momentum, I finally did on September 18.

Can’t say I’m happy all the time or don’t wish I could drink, but waking up sober, going to work sober and living my life sober has been a very GOOD thing. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, there are lots of things I want to do before I die. When I was drinking I thought about stuff, but I never was motivated to REALLY and TRULY plan for it. Now, I can see my goals and am motivated to achieve them.

Long story short – don’t give up! And if you fall, understand why, come to grips with it, learn from it and start again.

Day 174

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5 Responses to dangling on the edge turns ‘1’

  1. FitFatFood says:

    Wonderful advice. And great to hear!

  2. Lilly says:

    This is so awesome. I am soooo glad you’ve hung in there. And, look at you, you have almost six months, which is freaking amazing. And so you’re totally right that all those Day 1s were actually just what you needed to learn to get from there to here. Of course I find that so encouraging right now as I myself struggle to get back on track (Day 12 today).

    Yay you!!!!!!! Happy Blogging Birthday! Let there be cake!


  3. createthinklive says:

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  4. cb says:

    So, so great to hear that others have struggled. So often in the sobriety blogs it feels like people decide to get sober and then just do. It’s discouraging for those like myself that keep having numerous day 1’s…and 0’s.

    With that said, in the past 7-8 months, while not completely sober I’ve racked up more sober days than I have in the past 5ish years. That’s a huge deal. And I learn a little bit more each time.

    Happy Blogging Birthday and rock on!!!

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