just a quickie

Heard from a long time friend of mine today. He was sober for 20+ years, then a year or so ago, fell off the wagon. His wife divorced him and he went into isolation for a while. In January I think he had his “I CAN’T drink any more” epiphany. So on February 1st he admitted himself into rehab. He just got out on Friday night. He told me he felt really optimistic about his sobriety. This time he was doing it for himself, and he believes he can make it stick. He’s been going to AA meetings 2x’s daily for a way to connect. (More power to him.)

Upon meeting up with him back in 2008, I knew he was an alcoholic and that he had been sober for many years. I was still drinking and made it sound like I was a normie. “Oh sure, I could stop any time. I just really enjoy the effect, the taste, the blah blah blah.” Who was I kidding? I bet he saw right through me. I had no idea what he was or was not going through and truth be told, didn’t really care. He was sober and seemed happy, I drank and I thought I was happy. Win-Win right?

But then I go (almost) 6 months without a drink, and he is newly sober. Before, I would not have understood his pain nor his desire to quit. But I get it now. Now when I tell him I am truly proud of him, I mean it from a place that did not exist 6 months ago.

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4 Responses to just a quickie

  1. Lovely post Debbie. Enlightening.

  2. byebyebeer says:

    These stories scare the hell out of me because it’s a reminder we’re never safe. Maybe the key is in remaining open to these stories. I think it’s great how you can relate to him differently now. You can really be there for him, for each other.

    • Debbie says:

      Isn’t that the truth? You think you are ‘finally’ okay and can deal, and then something comes along and changes it in a second. Worth remembering. . .

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