too soon for change?

Some of you know that I started eating healthier and exercising as of Feb 1. My diet consisted of mostly Paleo type foods. Lots of meat and vegetables with some fruit. I am doing without processed foods (anything white) and sugars (not found in fruits).

After 10 days of being on this “diet,” I discovered that it is just TOO soon for me to try ‘new’ things. The last 3 days have been just THE WORST in regard to Ms Crazy being in my head almost demanding that I go get drunk. Not just have 1 glass of wine or whatever but really go out and drink. It’s been very, very tempting to go do just that. I’m afraid that changing my diet has screwed with something in my body chemistry. Could it have been that I went “cold turkey” on NO chocolate or anything sweet? I’m thinking, “yes.” My body wanted something sweet and if I wasn’t going to allow myself sweets then I was going to drink.

Very scary. I’m almost to 5 months and would really hate to blow it now. So, I scaled back the diet from 100% no bad foods to 60-65% no bad foods. Or somewhere in that range.

What sucks is that it can still happen. I could still go down. The chatter volume goes up and the volume goes down. I wish it would just go away. Maybe I give it too much attention? Too much “weight” in my thoughts? Maybe I’m still feeding it when I should just let it go? Best I get a new mind set and STARVE THE BASTARD.

*le sigh*

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9 Responses to too soon for change?

  1. Jean says:

    Debbie, I feel like you forewarned me, I am on day 103 or 104 and I was thinking of going on a diet. I have gained a few pounds with the extra sugar, but I think I will have to take it slow and not try to be too restrictive with diet. I have been feeling the call of Wolfie a little and I am not sure why, but it does suck. Maybe it’s the cold, maybe the time of year , who knows. I guess the battle rages on longer than we thought.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Jean 🙂 I struggled around the 100-115 mark as well. It subsided some, but when I dramatically cut out the sugar, whoa! Maybe we should both heed Heather’s (nowine4me) advice and take baby steps with only small changes once a month. Hang in there! We can do this. D

      • Jean says:

        I agree with the little steps instead of making massive changes. I have been drinking more water and trying to eat more fruits and veggies. So maybe that is all I need to do. No plan for the perfect diet or the perfect weight, just add more healthy things to my lifestyle. The biggest addition is of course no drinking!
        We are having a blizzard or something here, I am so grateful to be home in my nice warm house

  2. nowine4me says:

    We have about the same amount of sober days! Yay us! I too am working to improve my diet. I read an article that said the best thing to do is to add a tiny change each month to build to your ultimate goal. So my January tiny change was to drink enough water. I did a search to find the correct amount for me, and then set a goal of 3 32oz. containers a day. I could tell a big difference and I am still maintaining it. My February goal started by limiting processed food to 7 servings a week. I decided week one it was too much work, so I changed it to something simple. No dessert Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday’s. I know it is baby steps, but if it works and it sticks then I guess it is good.

    Best of luck with your “diet”. Sending you lots of sober well wishes – Heather

  3. This is very interesting to read as I’ve been considering a similar diet. Maybe your diet was too extreme or you weren’t quite ready for it? For me I know I have a little perfectionist voice in my head and I’m a very all or nothing person. So when I find something tough – like a diet – I’m quick to give up altogether and think ‘fuck it’ … May as well fall off the wagon in style! And that kind of thinking can get you into a place where having a drink doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea. What about focusing on sobriety again whilst making a few minor changes, so the dieting aspect doesn’t steal focus from the drink? Let me know how you get on!

    • Debbie says:

      Exactly!! I certainly wasn’t ready for it. I’ve cut back on the extreme and am doing moderation of sweets and limiting the processed stuff to a few times a week. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  4. It's 5 past 50 says:

    Last month I established myself with a Holistic doctor. Afterward I definitely felt overwhelmed with trying too make too many diet changes, by too much info and by too many validations of info I already knew, all at once. It felt like everything I touched or routinely or mindlessly picked up was ‘bad for you’ and it was just way too much to deal with. So I immediately scaled back and I’m starting with the organic fruit and veggies deliveries. After 50+ years of going in one direction, that’s all I can handle for now. 😉 Hang in there! Your daily foods and exercise updates are definitely inspiring!

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