pedal to the metal

Each day it’s a must that I read all the new posts from the blogs I follow. If someone has ‘liked’ me that hasn’t before, I’m sure to check out their blog. Reading all these is a boost for the day. It’s a connection made that sets the tone. After close to 10 months of reading sober blogs daily, I now can’t do without. It’s like getting that first cup of coffee at work, meeting everyone in the breakroom and catching up on events of the past evening. It’s my new addiction 🙂 If that were my only one, I’d be in pretty damn good shape!

Recently, I’ve been putting a lot of focus on eating healthy and exercising, perusing running blogs and such. It’s helped keep the monkeys at bay. Am actually at the gym more and outside more. My sweets and chocolate cravings at night have subsided to about 60% of their original 100% strength. It’s another one day at a time scenario. Interesting that the tools I have learned and use for my continuation of sobriety are helping with other aspects of my life. Tools are something that you need to keep the focus. Nice to know that it’s not just my will power alone that keeps me on my path. That was just too overpowering a notion. Now that I have tools, I have other things I can depend on.

And, yes, EVERY DAY I still get a voice telling me how good a glass (or bottle) of wine would be. Then I get pissed that I can’t be a normie and just have a stupid glass. Then I get the voice again saying to just give it up because I want to get numb. At that point, I get pissed at the voice and it begins to quiet. I turn my thoughts to what I have planned for the evening knowing I have a certain meal to make or a run to complete. This encompasses about 1/2 hour of my afternoon/evening. I can do a 1/2 hour. Soon, it will be 15 minutes. And eventually, only occasionally. That’s my belief and that’s what keeps me going.

Still being a newbie, my tools and my focus are crucial in my sobriety. I must lean on them every day so I can get to the next. And you all are one of my major tools. Reading your stories keeps me in my sober car and enjoying the ride as well 🙂

vw bug

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2 Responses to pedal to the metal

  1. Well said Debbie, I don’t post too often but I read my favorites daily. Keeps my car going too. Because of the weather my activity level is wayyyy downnnn. I hope I can get that euphoric feeling when spring returns. But this is Chicago it could be June before that happens. Aaaggghhhh! You keep up the good work the desire for drink really does go away.

    • Debbie says:

      I’m in CO and Wednesday the high was -1 🙂 Hate the cold and Chicago is even colder. Winter weather sucks but I have to keep motivated or I will certainly grab a bottle!

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