the little pop-up box

I insert things on my work calendar that are personal so I don’t forget something! I have reminders on everything so I’m sure to get that annoying little pop-up box on my screen. (Couldn’t live without it, I don’t think.)

Today I received a little box at about 9:00am. It said 20 weeks – 140 days

happy dance

How amaze-balls is that, huh??? Because I have stopped counting each second, minute, hour and day, it’s a nice surprise to see how far I’ve come. I’m in the 180 day challenge and so far so good. It is still one day at a time, no doubt, as Ms Crazy aka wolfie is always there lurking, waiting for the “oh f&ck its.”

But, not today, m’dear, not today.

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7 Responses to the little pop-up box

  1. Woo hoo! What a nice surprise! X

  2. monkeybegone says:

    For shizzle! That’s totes amazeballs! (well done)

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