a letter to lurkers

This post goes out to all those who began the process, started to blog, then dropped off. I miss you! I want to hear from you. And I know I’m not alone in this. All of us out here in the sobersphere want to be your sober blogging/commenting pal. We are concerned about you. You may be fine and are just taking some time away (cool!!), or you may be battling day 1’s and are afraid/ashamed to write. Please know that I would not reprimand you or make you feel bad about yourself. I have been there – a number of times. And I may be there again. Remember, it’s one day at a time. Today, Jen is the soberist has a great post with a great quote. Please stop by her blog.

So for you lurkers out there, I hope to draw you back by noting your blog name or handle. Or at least, I was GOING to add your name but decided against it. I know who you are and so do you. I do want you to know that I think about you all the time and look for a new post from you every day. If you want to reach out but are not ready to blog, you are welcome to email me. Would love to hear how you are.

Your sober pal,

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17 Responses to a letter to lurkers

  1. Thanks Debbie! What a nice idea! xx

  2. momma bee says:

    I think we all have been lurkers… great post Debbie!

  3. Nice, thoughtful…we have all been there. It’s better here, it really is.

  4. whinelessinwashington says:

    I am here, Debbie. Lurking, yes. Battling, a little. Just started the holiday break so now I have time on my hands! I will be around!!

  5. Lvmydogs says:

    I’m lurking….day one for me….

  6. Off-Dry says:

    A semi-blogger, semi-lurker here. 6-month soberversary tomorrow. 🙂

  7. Running From the Booze says:


  8. Jean says:

    I hope you had a nice Christmas. I don’t have a blog because I am not a very good writer and really enjoy and find it really helpful to subscribe to blogs and comment. I am on day 59 today, I am feeling ok, not great just ok. The sober holidays are wearing on me, I know I only have a few days to go until New Years but I am hoping these angry, resentful feelings begin to lift.
    Happy New Year to you

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