9 weeks

Not a whole helluva lot to say but wanted to touch base. Don’t want to lose my momentum. 9 WEEKS and counting. Crazy huh? I’ve been eating a lot of sweets to keep Ms Crazy at bay (somewhat). I have promised myself that after 100 days, I will then begin to worry about my atrocious eating habits. One thing at a time. I mean, seriously, I just bought a house and am painting tonight and tomorrow and moving in all my stuff on Saturday. I have my first run in my set of 3 (5k, 10k, half) coming up on Dec 1. I have enough to go on for now, I don’t want to throw my diet in the mix. I may get to frustrated and cause wolfie to come a knocking or blow my house down or something!

I feel like Un-wined. In her post she mentions that she will become the chubbiest sober chick out there with no teeth. Well, she’s not alone. I have a feeling we all feel that way at this stage. I know I was hoping to lose some weight at the beginning since I wasn’t guzzling a bottle or more a night or eating crap to fill up my stomach. But, alas, that didn’t happen. I fortunately weight about the same, give or take. With my intake of ice cream, blizzards, candy bars, etc. I certainly feel like I’ve added some poundage! haha

I’m closing in on 90 days and am looking forward to getting back on track. Ha, who am I kidding – – I’m just looking forward to saying I have 90 days sobriety!!


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11 Responses to 9 weeks

  1. Momma Bee says:

    I just got done eating out of the ice cream carton… I giggled after reading yours and Unwined post earlier tonight. Is there room on the toothless chubby train? Just kidding…..can’t wait to read your 90 day post!!!!

    • Debbie says:

      Come one, come all to the Chubby train! haha Thanks Momma Bee πŸ™‚ With all that’s going on, 90 days will be here before I know it.

  2. Lisa Neumann says:

    Ya know …. no matter how much time I have it always feels good to have more. A big congrats and a cheer to keep you moving forward. These are not the easiest of days and you ARE doing it!. Now you’re living!!!

  3. Running From the Booze says:

    Yeah, lets not get started on weight. I gained the four pounds I lost and then added a few more. Sheesh. But hey, we’re sboer, right? Small price to pay.

  4. sureasimbreathingnoceiling says:

    For cereal, yo. (PS, sugary cereal is my BEST FRIEND since sobriety). I’m working up to a 5k, gotta figure out how to keep training in the snow. Congrats!!

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