wine bottle chaser

I have to be honest. . . I’m a little scared. . . okay, A LOT scared.

I bought a house and am moving in over the weekend of the 23rd. I will be ‘alone’ again. No daughter, no grandkids, no son-in-law to eyeball me funny if they see me with a drink in my hand. Although, they never really did that. It was a way I was keeping tabs on myself through the eyes of others. Well, those ‘others’ are no longer going to be with me. I will need to revamp my tool box to be ready for the changes. Nothing I would like better than to celebrate my first evening in my new home with a big bottle of champagne and a wine bottle chaser. I’m guessing I’ll have to substitute my desire with a banana split or some freshly baked Toll House cookies or something.

I have 3 weeks to plan for it. But on moving day, I will be providing beer and pizza for my helpers. Ugh. Old routines and habits are hard to kill. Alcohol has been a part of so much of my life. When I’m sad, celebrating, bored, socializing, happy….. Holy crap.

Well, I do have 6 1/2 weeks behind me. I’m at a pretty good place to make the move. Glad it wasn’t happening 5 weeks ago 🙂 Just need to stay focused and have stuff ready in case I feel I’m headed for a fall. It’s been a moderately tough week with Ms Crazy behind me at every turn. The crave doesn’t last long but when it hits, it hits hard, and I just want to give in so badly. Pushing through it.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit.

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3 Responses to wine bottle chaser

  1. Great post! You are honest about your thoughts and that’s the first step! A HUGE step. It will get easier. For now, pray pray pray and go to meetings meetings meetings. :)LOL What a wonderful experience ahead of you!!

  2. ‘A wine bottle chaser’ – I think that says a lot! I know when I still think about drinking I think about knocking back a whole bottle. Proof, in case I needed it, that I definitely shouldn’t drink. Anyway good luck with the house move! I’m sure you will love it once you’re there. You will still be accountable to your family – I’m sure they’ll be watching over you from a distance.

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