my path is MY path

After reading the comment left on Reclaiming Life’s Sparkles blog, it bothered me a lot that someone would use that space to say something negative. So I went to this person’s blog to see why she would react in such a manner. I could find no real reason for the cruelty in the comment. She is an alcoholic herself and is still struggling with it as we all are. She, in a sense, is one of “us” but she is finding her sobriety through her own path. Believing, sadly, that her path is the correct and only path to sobriety. How can one who has experienced the pain and struggle of early stage sobriety criticize the path of others trying to find their way out of the darkness? You would think someone who has gone (is going) through this would be more supportive.

Unfortunately, she has not been a part of our blogosphere to understand the concept or reasoning behind the 100 day challenge. We all know we are setting small goals along our journey so we feel better about ourselves. So we can achieve those feelings of confidence and strength and achievement. Which in turn keep us motivated to go just a little bit farther each time. We all understand that this is not really for just 100 days, but that 100 days feels achievable. Thinking beyond 100 days can be daunting. But knowing that when you reach 100 days, you can re-evaluate your situation, create new tools, fine tune the old ones and set about reaching another 100 days, or another 180 days, or whatever.

I am proud of what we in the challenge have accomplished thus far. Some of us have fallen off the wagon a “few” times (yup, me included), but how else are we to learn what it takes to stay on said wagon?

Be strong team 100 challengers. . . we are united in our cause and believe in each other. We will all succeed regardless of the naysayers.

afraid to fail

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6 Responses to my path is MY path

  1. We all have opinions, we all have bad days, we all have ways of expressing ourselves and we all have our paths. You should read some of the “discussions” on some of the recovery boards. Make your hair stand on end. Or business meetings in AA – where people try and come to democratic consesus on certain issues pertaining to the group – those can get wild too. lol. Fact is, that while we all find our way through this sobriety / recovery thing, we are going to run into those who see things differently, and perhaps express them differently. Even amongst those in 12-step, there are lots of different ways people come to it, and there are are some staunch folks and some not-so-staunch. Some are very spritual, others very pragmatic. In other words, a variety of folks with varying points of view. And I see this too in the sobersphere.

    For me, when I run across a comment I don’t agree with or don’t see my way, what are my choices? I can ignore it. I can try and state my case. I can step on toes. or I can accept, express love and prayer and move on. I almost always choose the latter. Sometimes I get caught up in the first three. Which aren’t healthy for me, knowing me. So for me, love and tolerance is the way. I ask myself if I want to be happy or do I want to be right? Hmmmm…lol.

    I don’t do the 100 day thing because I have another path that has worked for me. But I support it, even if it goes against that same path that got me to where I am. But who cares what I think? lol. If it’s working, it’s working. It goes the other way too. What worries me is the possible camps that tend to happen when there are some differences. I like that there are different people with different ways of achieving sobriety. I think it’s marvelous. I learn stuff too, and I get to share stuff from my experience as well. This is a community that accepts and loves and supports. Even those who aren’t ready. or those who might be in a different headspace or of a different opinion.

    Continue to be proud of your achievements, and don’t let any comment (here or offline) get to you. I know, easy to say. But I find that when I let it go and practice love and tolerance, my life is much simpler…and I am a simple dude 🙂

    Thank you for bringing this up!

    Love and light,

  2. AuntieLex says:

    I saw that earlier, and it bothered me and kind of freaked me out in at the same time. This is a place to share very hard things about sobriety and struggles and I would be kind of “crushed” if someone had something shitty to say.. It is easy to think either no one is reading your posts or people only come to read it because of a common denominator.. My Mom always said, “if you don’t have anything nice, don’t say anything nice at all.” I Love the idea of simply love and tolerance…

    • Lisa Neumann says:

      What a great response. I remember my mom saying the same to me. If tearing each other down worked the world wouldn’t be at war. So thanks Debbie and AuntieLex for some good common sense reading. (Paul too, but he already know how much I love him.) xox Lisa

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