root beer

Saturday, the family was getting ready to go trick or treating at the local high school with some friends. While they were waiting for the other family to show, I was hanging out in the dining room watching the face painting going on and the costumes come to fruition. My daughter’s husband asked if there was any beer in the house. She said no. He said he would run to the store to get some. I told him to be sure to get the good stuff. He replied, “what did you want?” I laughed it off and said, “I was just kidding, get whatever you want.”

He left. The other family, with their 3 kids in tow, arrived. We got everyone their slices of pizza and some root beer. Daughter’s husband came home with a box of O’Dells assorted brews. OMG. What I wouldn’t have given for an ice cold 90 Shilling right about then. So he says to me, “which one do you want?” I’m like, “Steven, I can’t have a beer!!!!” Seriously, I live in the same house with this guy, and he knows I quit drinking. He totally had a lapse in brain function or something. Geez. Guess it’s not all about me. . .

Ah well, a close call but crisis averted. The beer went in the fridge, I grabbed a root beer and headed back the basement to watch some TV. Didn’t even think about the beer after that. Wow, that feels so amazing. No craves, no urges, no desire. The thought was just gone.

It’s been an amazing 5 1/2 weeks. Am still working on the sleep thing. I sleep pretty soundly until the alarm, but getting to sleep is still a struggle. I’m hoping that the jogging I’ve been doing to get ready for another 5k will eventually help tire me out!

Pan a

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