day 34

It’s Tuesday. Just one in a long line of them. . . .

The past 2 days have been filled with Ms Crazy in my head. I really do hate her, you know. Her cooing, her convincing talk of being my best buddy, her wooing me into getting that first drink. “It would feel so good to have drink tonight” or “There’s a liquor store. Just stop in and see if anything speaks to you.” Yeah, right. In this state of mind, EVERYTHING would speak to me! haha I would LOVE a drink right about now. It really is a great ‘winding down after the long day’ beverage. Tea doesn’t do it for me and there’s not much else out there that has the same effect as a nice glass of red wine.

But I will get through this, just like every other day. I’m homeward bound in a few and going for a jog first thing. I’ve stupidly signed up for 3 runs. A 5k on December 1, a 10k on January 26 and a half on Feb 9. They all looked like so much fun, I had to!

I refuse to give up and give in. I’ve come 34 days and will not throw those days away.
I can and I will

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4 Responses to day 34

  1. 34 is huge and you are on your way to being blessed with so much peace in your head. It gets real quiet around the 50/60 days, it’s worth it. Enjoy your run training, you are doing fab!

  2. I remember going to my local supermarket and telling myself I’d see how I felt when I got there…. I didn’t HAVE to buy anything. But of course once you’re in the shop standing infront of the shiny bottles it’s near on impossible to think ‘nah, don’t fancy it…’ So well done on ignoring that trap!! The races sound like a great idea too x

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Kate. It does get a bit easier to ignore the rants in my head as I get more days behind me. You are doing so well. I remember reading your posts early on as you started your journey. You are truly an inspiration to me! Thanks for being there.

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