2nd 30

Kind of like my gazillionth day 1, well this is my 2nd day 30. It’s been an extremely easy 30 days as compared to the last time. As noted in my post DAY 30 🙂 on June 12, the day itself was okay, but the getting there was way harder that first time around.

Don’t know why it’s different this time. Maybe my attitude is different. I’m more resolved and steadfast on staying sober than I was before. Ms Crazy/Wolfie has come knocking but the knocks are pretty quiet. I am NOT going to say how wonderful and pink clouds this has been because I always seem to take a dive once I go there. And I AM NOT GOING THERE.

I really am just focusing on each day. When the crave hits, I just tell it I’m not interested and get home so I can make dinner. No dilly dallying or running errands after work. It’s straight home for me. No matter what is going on inside my head, I just go home. The dreaded witching hours are still there, but I’m more determined to stay on the straight and narrow.

Being clear-headed at work (and un-hungover) is just too good for words. I’m here, I’m present and I’m accounted for. And I’m only at day 30. My last attempt at sobriety brought me to day 43. I don’t see that number as something to surpass. I see it only as a number. At this moment, I see myself waking up on New Year’s Day, 2014, unhungover, sober and proud because I will have reached 105 days. I have no doubt I will reach it. Truly a happy dance moment.

today gift

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8 Responses to 2nd 30

  1. Yay!!! Huge applause!!!

    Congrats, Debbie!

  2. jamilynaz says:

    Awesome! Congratulations on 30 days!

  3. Off-Dry says:

    Loved reading this! Congratulations on your 30!


  4. craycray48 says:

    Thanks for your blog, you make me hopeful that I can reach my day thirty, in about 25 days.

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