It’s Monday. Not much more to say than that. Took my grandsons to school, dropped them off and headed to my park and ride bus stop. I was at a light and an odd thought came to mind. I was so glad I wasn’t ‘worried’ about how I was going to make it through the day. I may have difficulty staying awake, since my job is so boring, but not because I’d had too much to drink the night before. I felt pretty darn good. That thought turned into how much we worry when we drink. Worry about how I am going to make it through the day, will anyone at work notice I’m not 100%, where am I going to get my next drink, who’s watching? With all that worry, it’s no wonder I have creases and frown lines on my face. But not this morning. The between the eyes crease gets less and less as I worry less and less about drinking.

And then I’m on the bus, reading a book, on my way to work. Try reading a book on the bus when you are even moderately hung over. . .

I may only be a couple of weeks in, but the benefits, even early on, are ones to hold on to and to REMIND myself of daily. These benefits are my rewards for remaining AF.

wake up and live

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