long, lost friends

Had to do some serious self inflicted ass kicking last Thursday. And believe you me, that is harder than it sounds. Had my last drinks on Wednesday night and commenced the ‘kicking’ that next morning.

But, here I am today, Monday, 5 days in. Sounds so silly. 5 days. Sheesh. Like a grain of sand on a beach.

Spoke with a long, long, long time friend of mine on Saturday. It was good and it was sad. I’m speaking about a friend I’ve known since kindergarten. In elementary school, we were like childhood sweethearts. I always thought we would end up together. Come to find out, many years later, he thought the same thing.

But back to my story. A little history. I moved away from my home town of Tucson in 8th grade, and this guy, Jeff, and I lost touch over the years. We recently met up at a 2004 high school reunion. A high school where he went and where I would have gone if I had still lived in Tucson. We had a chance to catch up. Jeff got married in his early twenties. The tie that bound them together was booze. He became an alcoholic. They soon divorced. He got sober. He met a great woman and married. She, to help him remain sober, did not drink. They were together probably 24 or so years. (I found out last Friday that he is getting a divorce.)

I moved back to Tucson in 2008 so we met up again for a lunch or 2. But with the economy the way it was in 2008-2009, I had to move away again at the end of 2009 to find work.

He contacted me via email last week to see how I was faring with all the flooding we’ve had in the state. (Truthfully, I don’t think that’s why he waited 4 years to get back in touch with me.) But, it was nice to hear from him. I mentioned that I am trying to get and stay sober, and if he had any good tips, I would really appreciate hearing them. He gave me his number so we could talk on the phone.

Well, if it don’t beat all, he started drinking again about 4 years ago. Have a feeling that’s what caused the most recent divorce 😦 AND, I think he was drunk or somewhat inebriated when we spoke on the phone. Very sad. Breaks my heart.

Lesson learned for sure – don’t ever let your guard down – even after 20+ years. It was great to talk to him and catch up, but I was really sad to know that he had succumbed to that mean old Ms Crazy.

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