one goal at a time

I’ve learned from the last day 1 that it’s best not to try to change too many things in your life at the same time. Like, quitting the booze and trying to loose weight. Or, like, quitting the booze and deciding to get out and jog every day. Or, like quitting the booze and joining the gym. If you are not already involved in task #2, DON’T take it on as new. Wait. One thing at a time, right?

Last time, I tried the quitting and jogging at the same time. Now, I WAS a jogger last summer, but when I began day 1 this spring, I decided to include jogging. Did not work. Could not do both. Plus it really drains the self esteem even more when you fail at two things instead of just one.

Lesson learned. For me, I think I will stick with one goal until I’ve achieved it or feel I am ready to go on to the next. Fingers crossed.

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