what? the world does not revolve around me?

hairI really do like waking up sober. My 11:00pm to 6:00am hours are odd though. I seem to be waking up a lot. It may be just because I’m too hot. I don’t know. Falling asleep is still rough but know that soon it won’t take me hours to finally get to sleep.

My sister reminded me that I needed get out of myself. It’s a fact we all know but easily forget when we are in the throws of a pity party. I think it needs to become my daily mantra. It needs to be recited frequently throughout the day until it becomes normal, a habit, a part of who I am. The world does NOT revolve around me (it revolves around a boyfriend I once had — hahaha) But seriously, I need to step beyond my fear, put myself out there and kick my demons out of the way. Put others first and ask for help from the PTB. For some reason, that’s a very hard thing for me to do.

Another day AF.

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