I am actually enjoying NOT counting my days. I mentally have a pretty good idea where I am, but I am not obsessing about it nor does it bother me that I do not know the exact number. I continue to focus on today. And only today. Belle has been nice enough to email me reminders about making sure I get my treats 🙂 And with Lilly’s new Team 100 Sober Runners, I am attempting to regain momentum on the exercise front. I ran 3.2 miles Monday evening, did a rest day yesterday and will run 4 miles this evening. Knowing I am running (and I use that term very loosely), it keeps me focused on getting fit/healthy and not thinking of drinking.

I haven’t really thought about drinking these past couple of weeks. I take that back. Yes, I’ve thought about it, but it hasn’t been wolfie scratching at my door type of thinking. I thank the PTB and my brother twice daily for their intervention and giving me the strength to keep wolfie at bay and me focused. I may be having a pink cloud moment, my cycle may be on the rise, but I’m not going there either. My focus is on today and I feel pretty darn good. I deal with tomorrow when it comes. I’m still attending the downtown AA meeting daily. I missed yesterday but will be going again today. I think it helps just having that routine of meeting up with these people daily.

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4 Responses to today

  1. byebyebeer says:

    Had to laugh when you said “running (and I use that term very loosely)” — I get this. Jogging sounds so 1980, but I’m a far cry from the disciplined long distance runner. Whatever we call it, it (and other regular exercise) definitely helps me stay sober. Enjoy!

    • Debbie says:

      I started to say jogging, but it sounded stupid (LOL) Your reference to the 80s is spot on! I’m hoping regular running will keep me away from the drink 🙂

  2. Lilly says:

    I hear you. What I do can only soooo loosely be called running. More like a sprint of running, a jog, a shuffle… who was it who called it a ralk? (Run/walk) This is great stuff though! Also, I like my app that counts days so I don’t have to think about what day it is, which I agree can be bad at times, but if I want to check it’s easy.

  3. runningfromthebooze says:

    Ralk!! Sums it up perfectly.

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