just the facts, ma’am

I was in my mid-day AA meeting yesterday when someone mentioned that 20% of us are alcoholics. Now, I did not catch 20% of what. The US, the world, in downtown, what? But it got me to thinking, how many have fessed up to being alcoholic or an alcohol abuser, and what is that number here in the US. If someone has better facts, I’m open and curious to hear them.

So I did some internet ‘armchair’ research. From what I found, no one wants to give a definitive number. Understandable. It’s just too hard because there are so many who will not admit they have a drinking problem. All said, it came out to about 7% which is close to 14 million people. That seems like a SMALL number, doesn’t it? Considering there are close to 400 million people in the US. I found where it says that 1 in 13 of us abuse alcohol or are alcoholics. That certainly gives me a better picture. But I still think it’s more. So I say, double it. How about 1 out of 7? How about 14%?

Other statistics I found that I wanted to share are noted in my list below. These are a reminder as to why we shouldn’t drink. If these don’t get you through another day sober I don’t know what will.

** 50,000 cases of alcohol poisoning are reported yearly and approximately once a week, someone dies from it. (I could have been one of them. Could you?)

** 56% of sudents in grades 5 – 12 say that alcohol advertising encourages them to drink. (It encourages me, why shouldn’t it encourage children? Remember, they pulled cigarette ads in 1970)

** Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are the 3rd leading cause of preventable deaths in the US.

** 65 people each day die on our highways due to alcohol, and drunk drivers are responsible for 50% of highway fatalities.

** Alcohol is a factor in nearly half of America’s murders, suicides and accidental deaths.

** An estimated 6.6 million children under 18 live in households with at least one alcoholic parent and by the time they are seniors in high school, 80% will have used alcohol and 62% will have become drunk. (I was that one alcoholic parent. Did my kids drink or get drunk? I can’t say for 100% sure [and I don’t want to know], but yes, I believe both drank and got drunk before graduating.)

Just some factoids for your Tuesday, and remember, if you found it on the internet, it must be true 🙂 LOL

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2 Responses to just the facts, ma’am

  1. I love lists of why I should or should not do something:-) I’m going to add these to my many lists of why picking up a drink is BAD for me. Thanks!

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