on your mark, get set. . . .

It’s Monday. We are now in August. Holy moly! About a month ago, I signed up for another half marathon. (The desire to run one is over powering. I keep signing up for them, but I never seem to run them!) But, because of Lilly, I am joining her Team 100 Sober Runners. It’s a couch to 5k training (c25k) she’s working on for herself and has now asked others if they would like to be a part of it. Although I will not be running a 5K, I have ‘committed’ myself to Lilly’s list of those getting off the couch and running SOMETHING. To help with the run, I will be stopping by Running on Sober’s blog to check out what music she suggests. She also has more information on c25k that I need to check out before I get started!! All good info.

This half marathon takes place in a town just north of me by about an hour. I used to live there and know the road we will be running. And, like the Slacker Half I was going to run in June, it’s all downhill. New for me though is staying over night in a hotel so I will be ready for the bus ride up the mountain at 6:30am! It’s on September 22nd so it will be cooler in the morning and the leaves may even be starting to turn. Plus, my birthday is the first part of October, and I like having that accomplishment under my belt. What better way to say hello to number 57 than with a half AND sobriety?

So up goes the milestone box for this run. I will post my prevoius week’s training at the bottom of the page in case you are interested 🙂 My goal is sobriety and if I plan to run, workout, walk or whatever, I can’t drink.


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2 Responses to on your mark, get set. . . .

  1. Lilly says:

    I can’t believe that *I* am inspiring people to run. You have no idea how weird that is. But also kinda cool. Also, you are celebrating your 57th with sobriety and a half marathon? Holy amazeballs. I wanna be you when I grow up.

    • Debbie says:

      I think we all just want to be part of a group, a member of our own special club, and your running group does that, like Belle’s 100 day challenge. I think it’s great. Getting my ass off the couch is a positive and hopefully, we will all gain from this momentum you’ve created! “Holy amazeballs” LOVE it! Thanks Lilly.

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