excuses, excuses

After reading some great posts about going to AA meetings, I’ve decided to give it another try. I found a group that meets at noon here in the downtown area where I work. Thought I might check them out today. I just hope that it’s a 45 minute meeting so I have time to walk there and get back in my allotted 1 hour break.

I wanted to go last night to the group that meets near my house, but their meetings are at 7pm. It’s really hard to get home from work at 6:00pm, eat and then leave to go to a meeting. Once I’m home at the end of the day, I’m home. They have a meeting at 5:30pm, but I work until 5:30pm. Now if they had one at 6pm that would be ideal. I could not find a 6pm meeting anywhere. Guess everyone wants to eat or something.

“What? Are you talking to me? Are you saying I need to stop making excuses and make the time? Are you telling me to get off my ass and do this for myself?” Damn, you’re pushy.

I’ve also been remiss about writing in my journal. I found it really does help even if I don’t write but a line or two. I brought the journal with me to work today so that I have no excuse not to jot down some things. Usually I leave it at home so I can write at night or in the morning, but since I haven’t been writing, thought I’d bring it with me today.

Because of my laziness, I’ve had Ms Crazy on my back A LOT. So, it’s back to focusing, back to journaling, back to praying. I know from past experience that these 3 things are a must in my daily life.

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5 Responses to excuses, excuses

  1. bottlingout says:

    I treat my blogging like journaling do I know exactly what you mean. Having thst focus and just peaceful contemplation by myself has helped a lot in the last few days. This is s new thing for me, one of many beneficial things attsched to the main big thing of being sober.
    Remember to give yourself that space and time!

  2. Thinking about you D, hope you are well and that you enjoyed the meeting.

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