news headline: “bug bite leads woman to drink”

I’ve had such an amazing 2 weeks of sobriety. Really. It’s been the best ever. I could gush and gush. It’s been wonderful. I have had no desire to drink and any thoughts I may have had were fleeting. . . . .until today. Holy crap, it comes on like gang-busters doesn’t it? The only thing I can think that might be causing this ugly, overwhelming desire is a bug bite I got on Saturday. Hahaha Well, I can think of nothing else besides a chemical disturbance in my brain or a DNA thing.

But seriously, the bug bite, or whatever it was that ate my face, is getting worse. It started out like 3 small red bumps. Then Sunday night, I could feel they were getting bigger and messing with my skin (becoming dry patches). By Monday night, I was scabbing a little and my cheek was getting puffy. Yesterday, I thought I may have been bitten by a brown recluse. Looking at the photos and looking at my cheek, I could see similarities. But I don’t have any of the symptoms that come with being bitten by the tiny spider. It just looks absolutely disgusting. I went to the Dr first thing this morning to have her take a look just to make sure I wouldn’t end up with a hole in my face. She said, no, she didn’t think it was caused by a brown recluse or a black widow as they are not indigenous to this area. That’s a relief, but I just want it to go away. I am proudly displaying a lovely bandaid on my cheek so no one has to look at it.

Up close, you can even see it’s red outside of the bandaid and my cheek is swollen. Geez. I was given some antibiotics but she said it will take them a day to get into my system, and then I will need to heal. I think that calls for drowning my sorrows. Any excuse, right? Crap.

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4 Responses to news headline: “bug bite leads woman to drink”

  1. Maya June says:

    Hope you are hanging in there. I almost had my preverbal shit together a few years back when I was struck with perioral dermatitis. Sounds gross, right? Basically, the bottom half of my face looked like I had run a cheese grater over it. Making things worse, the doctor said I couldn’t wear makeup. Even worse yet, I had just started my student teaching. That sent me into the bottle big time and it so wasn’t worth it. Face stuff is hard in a way that folks just don’t get unless they have been there. Try to get through it. This to shall pass. Have you listened to any episodes of the Bubble Hour? It is a podcast on iTunes that is saving my ass right now.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Maya June 🙂 Still hanging in there but my face has surely gotten worse. Fortunately, I know it’s temporary! And, I have not listened to Bubble Hour. Sounds interesting and something I should try – soon !! Thanks for the info.

  2. Ann Marquez says:

    Aways feels weird to ‘like’ something like a bug bite. 😉 But you know… just clicking in support.
    Sending healing thoughts your way 😀

    • Debbie says:

      Ha! I know what you mean. Thanks for the healing thoughts! My boo boo is better but will most likely leave a scar. I’m hoping next week I can finally ditch the bandaid and not gross too many people out 🙂 Hope you are doing well!

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