and nothing but the truth

I was debating all day yesterday, after I posted, whether I should pull that post or not. I didn’t want to offend anyone. And I felt uncomfortable after I wrote it. My fear was that people would get mad at me or feel slighted or hurt because of what I wrote. My thought process was to talk about the difficulties I have explaining this ‘disease’, especially to someone who hasn’t had a problem with alcohol. But it didn’t come across that way. It may have sounded a bit angry and disgrutled. Unintentional. But I left it out there. Because it’s truthful. (Did that even make ANY sense? Sheesh)

For today, I wanted to show those of you, who may not know, what a small box of wine looks like. Every time I mention that I pick up a box of wine I have this vision in my head of you all gaping, open mouthed at the screen imagining me downing a huge box of wine each night! No so. Below is a picture:

small bo

Cheers to you all and I hope for a better day tomorrow.

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9 Responses to and nothing but the truth

  1. Makes perfect sense. I didn’t find anything wrong with the post, D, it was honest and what’s the use of blogging if you’re not going to be honest? You don’t have to fool us or sugar-coat anything with us, just tell us the truth.

    I’m glad you posted it, and I’m glad you’re choosing to leave it up. Discomfort is usually a sign of growth–you’re getting out of your comfort zone. That’s good!

    When I hear “box of wine” I usually picture the big Franzia boxes with like a gallon of wine, lol. Those little guys are cute. I think I just started seeing the little ones when I was quitting a couple years ago.

    Have a good week Debbie. You post whatever you want. Venting helps a lot, it really does!

    xx, C

  2. Lisa Neumann says:

    I’m with RunningOnSober … Makes PERFECT sense to me too! 🙂 Glad you posted. For what it’s worth I think I offend people, but I don’t worry about their interpretation as much as I used too. I’ve had to grow into blog writing and it has not come easily. Give yourself credit for writing what was on your mind, many cannot.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks, Lisa. I’ve always had issues with wanting to please everyone and am so jealous of those who speak their minds. Aw well. I hope to get my stack of postcards soon 🙂 Thanks for being there.

  3. Great comments so far. If we dance around stuff in our blogs, or fear that we will offend, or edit it because we think that others won’t “get it” or change our voice for someone else, then we are doing online what we used to do out there – drowning out our Authentic Self and we are putting a shadow on our real light. State the truth…YOUR truth. Whether someone gets offended or doesn;’t like it – tough. That’s their thing, not yours. Not everyone is going to like us, no matter what or how hard we try. So might as well be true to ourselves 🙂


    • Debbie says:

      Ah, my Authentic self. Wonder who the hell that is and hope I meet her very soon 🙂 Thanks for the uplift Paul. Always, always appreciated.

  4. laskogirl79 says:

    agreed. I can barely type out. share etc, two sentences and you are honest and writing how you feel. I’m barely taking baby steps in that direction and really admire it.
    be well,

    • Debbie says:

      Aw, Thanks. Some days it can be really tough but I think it’s a positive step for me. You are doing great. I read your posts and although they are short, they are what they are – a way for you to open up. One day/step/moment at a time, right? Keep up the good work!

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