well, shit

Shit, son of a bitch, god damn it, etc etc etc. I talked myself right into it, didn’t I? I knew I was going to fall off and didn’t want to hit 90 or 100 days when I did. So, figured 43 would be a good time to turn the dial back to day 1. Huh? What?

I had forgotten how shitty I feel when I over indulge. Of course, when you are drinking daily, it becomes the norm. At the time, I didn’t think it was that bad since I could more or less function. But, after going 43 days without a hangover and then having one. Jeez, I used to do this a few times a week? I was delusional.

Since we are all being honest and opening up here, I felt I had to let everyone know that I did slip and fall. I really didn’t want to say anything. I thought about letting the one time sneak by and keep counting as though nothing had happened. But that didn’t seem right. I think I believed that I had to drink last night. I think I believed I had to fail one last time. Whether I did or not doesn’t really matter any more. I did what I did and now I begin again. Let’s hope I learned something from those 43 days.

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One Response to well, shit

  1. laskogirl79 says:

    well, heck, darn, gosh, crap,….you made 43 days….that’s great! in 43 days you have consumed once. do not beat yourself up…(i’m a pro at it by the way..working on that as well). I”ve yet to get to 2 weeks…almost got there ….
    You’re doing great and i’m looking forward to when I can just make it to 30 days! be well! N

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