life on the sober side

I headed to the mountains on Friday for an over night and a hike on Saturday. It was more or less work related as it included people from one business unit I work with. There was some shop talk but it was limited. It was a beautiful mountain home. There was even a moose grazing in the back yard.


As dinner approached the wine and beer made its presence known. Oh my, how I wanted a drink. Everyone besides the home owner’s 10 year old son and me had alcohol in one form or another in their hands. I made it through the evening sober but can honestly say it wasn’t much fun. I am WAY quieter and hardly said a word. Hard to swallow. I felt like a wall flower. That is not me. Or at least I never thought that was me. Could have been the company I was keeping? Don’t know but was not a happy camper.

Saturday we hiked one of the local peaks. I didn’t make it to the top though :(. I was just too slow (and the oldest) so they left me in their dust. Aw well. That’s okay. It was a gorgeous day and I took advantage of the weather and the scenery. And kept my own pace which was nice for a change. I probably made it to around 13,500 feet, but could not get to 14,265.


I made it to about where the person in pink is. If you click on the picture, you can see tiny specks at the top. That was probably my group!!

When we were all back at the cars, they opened up the cooler with all the ICE COLD beer in it. Do you have any idea what an ice cold beer tastes like after you’ve been hiking for 6 hours? I wanted to say “Fuck it” and guzzle down a whole damn bottle right there on the spot. But, I didn’t. I laughed it off and ‘cheers’ed with my warm gatorade.

Not the best 24 hours ever. Yes, I maintained my sobriety but had no fun, enjoyment or sense of satisfaction doing it. Just part of ‘normal’ life I guess.

And it’s Monday . . .

Day 42

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