i feel good….dunt da dadada…..I knew that I would now…..dunt da dadada

What a weekend. I’m once again on the top of my cyclical adventure in sobriety. Thank the PTB. After that extremely low turn last week, it all finally passed. The debilitating effects are over. I hardly thought or craved or considered drinking ALL weekend. That is amazing. I’m beside myself with peace. I truly hope I stay at the top of this cycle for a while. Get my bearings up here, grasp all the strength I can, store away all the good and positive feelings coming from my high. I want to be prepared to do combat on a level, or better yet, unlevel playing field (in my favor, of course) when I go back to the low of my cycle.

But honestly, I didn’t do anything remarkable this weekend. Washed and vacuumed the car; watched some TV; did some laundry; did some drive by’s on houses for sale; ate A TON of mint chocolate chip ice cream; took a 2 hour nap on Saturday. . . . AND DID NOT THINK ABOUT DRINKING. I can’t tell you how many times I thanked the PTB for giving me a respite.

I still think it may have something to do with the bracelet 🙂

For those just beginning their journey, know that when you make it through the low in the cycle, there is an up right around the corner. I am only on day 35, but this weekend has given me new hope and strength. Know that you can have it as well. Don’t give in and don’t give up.

Day 35

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2 Responses to i feel good….dunt da dadada…..I knew that I would now…..dunt da dadada

  1. Don’t say “only on day 35” – say I am ROCKING the 35 days and looking onwards and upwards to many, many more! Awesome stuff here 🙂

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