DAY 30 :)

Just had to post a quick one. TODAY IS DAY 30! Can’t even remember the last time I went this long without alcohol (besides when I was pregnant). Each day I love waking up knowing I had nothing to drink the night before. Now, the “night before” is another story. But we all have those, right? Total white knuckle last night. My daughter and her family are out of state for the week, so I am all alone in the house. It’s like I can get away with anything I want and no one will ever know. Very very tempting. And they left booze in the freezer and beer in the fridge. It’s always there, but it’s theirs and I normally don’t even bother with it. But now that they aren’t here. . . .

Shew, all that chatter upstairs. . . . I’ve lived with that stuff in the house for 30 days, I can live with it being there forever. I won’t touch it. Nope, not gonna touch it.

Day 30

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7 Responses to DAY 30 :)

  1. Wouhou for D30! Really proud and super happy for you!!!

  2. Lilly says:

    Whoo hoo! WELL DONE on 30 days. That’s such a milestone.

    Don’t drink. DO NOT DRINK. Trust me, you will feel so disappointed to have caved after reaching that important milestone. And the first 30 days are tough so better to keep going than start over!

    If you can’t throw out that booze then put together a good plan for how you are going to not drink it between now and when they return. You can do it.

    You’re doing great 🙂

    • Debbie says:

      Last night was the most BRUTAL night ever. I wanted to drink so badly it was horrible. Your DO NOT DRINK is like you read my mind and KNEW that I was going to want to drink. I’ve wanted to drink since Friday night. This has been the longest string of days yet. It had better end SOON as my resolve is slowly losing momentum. THanks for the words of encouragement!

  3. Congrats on 30 days…that was a huge milestone for me. Wonderful…and I can identify with that being home alone thing…that was a big time for me to “party” (i.e drink my face off) as I didn’t have to worry about any immediate consequences (those consequences just came later, is all). But you made it – a new “first”. I gets better 🙂



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