blue skies smilin’ at me. . .

All I can say is TGIF. Another day to check off as SOBER 🙂 Woo hoo. Got up at the crack of dawn this morning. Light was just barely a whisper on the horizon but it was time for me to rise and shine. I allowed myself 15 minutes before I had to be out the door and on my way. That meant taking a shower and washing/drying my hair last night. Got everything out and ready in my bags and put by the stairs. All I had to do this morning was wash my face, get dressed in my jeans and a tee shirt, pour my cup of coffee in the to-go cup (had the pot set to automatically brew), brush my teeth and scoot out the door. I was on my way at 5:05am to go feed the hungry masses at the rescue mission downtown.

I was told we fed around 200 people in a half hour. Not the most appetizing of meals (grits, fruit, pastry and coffee) but if you’re hungry anything tastes pretty good. Got done WAY sooner than I had anticipated. I was told the hours would be from 5:30am to 7:30am. We were done cleaning up at 6:45am. I meandered on the walk to my office (about 7 or 8 blocks), but sadly, I don’t meander very well. It was an awesome summer morning though. About 65 degrees and sunny, clear skies. Felt pretty good to be alive right about then.

Once I got to the office (first one in :)), I changed into work attire and put on my make up. Time: 7:10am. And here I sit. Work for me begins at 8:30am. Oh well. I would prefer to be in bed, but it was a very productive morning nonetheless. May continue to do Friday mornings throughout the summer. Really nice bunch of volunteers.

And there you have it. Actually accomplishing one of the items on my ‘things to do list’ that keeps me busy, focused and forced to remain sober. Getting up at 4:45am hungover would be horribly tough. Tonight I go to a painting class. That will keep me busy until about 9:00pm and at that point I will have to grab something to eat and head home because tomorrow morning is my 8:00am bootcamp. No stopping for booze tonight 🙂

I am still white-knuckling in the afternoons. I get the “why not”s and “that would taste so good right about now” speeches from Ms Crazy. I do my best to ignore her and remember what fun sober activities I have planned for myself. She persists for about an hour, but when I make it through that hour, I’m usually feeling pretty proud of myself. White knuckles and all.

Day 25

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2 Responses to blue skies smilin’ at me. . .

  1. Ann Marquez says:

    So happy to read that you are doing so many activities!!! That’s awesome! Makes all the difference in the world to focus outside of ourselves, especially by helping others, and to keep busy. You go girl! 😀

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