Weekends are always a bit scary until I have made sure I am booked solid with things to do to keep me busy. Tonight is book club night. All the ladies there will be drinking wine. I used to partake of the beverage (topping off my glass when no one was watching), but the last 3 meetings I’ve controlled my urge to have a glass of the red. I’m certainly not going to make them stop drinking just because I’m there and can’t. Maybe I should bring my own nummy drink. Make them all jealous :))

I thought I had bootcamp tomorrow morning, but come to find out, there is no camp this Saturday. AAGGHH, that threw me. I was really looking forward to going again. Now I have to find some other way to work my butt off tomorrow. It’s so much easier when someone else tells me what to do. I am not a very good motivator when it comes to my own exercise.

Saturday evening will be easy. I am setting up my tent in the back yard and me and the grand boys are going camping. I bought the wood, the marshmellows and the marshmellow sticks. (Sorry, not a big fan of s’mores.) It’s actually going to be a chilly evening if I can trust the weather forecast. Guess I can do cool, just don’t want rain. On second thought, bring it on! We will only be about 20 feet from the back door!! I’m looking forward to our overnight adventure. Setting up the tent and having my grandkids with me around the camp fire. I can do that without drinking or even thinking about it, I bet. It won’t be a norm for one of my Saturday nights. I’m breaking routine.

Sunday I was supposed to go on a hike with my hiking group, but doubt I’ll be able to get up in time to make it. (not after sleeping in a tent with 2 young boys) Sunday’s tend to be tough. I suppose there are any number of things I could do. I’ve just forgotten what they are. It’s been so long since I’ve felt compelled to do any thing. Usually I was nursing a mild hangover on Sunday morning and didn’t want to do anything anyway. (Until about 5:00pm when I was coming back to myself and ready to go get a beer at my local bar.) Best I make a list of everything I’ve ever wanted to try or do. Then, when I have unplanned weekends, I will have things to choose from instead of having to think of things on the spur of the moment. (Which will be tough if Ms Crazy is lurking nearby.) Not that I don’t like just reading or kicking back, but generally those go hand in hand with alcohol. I must get out of the same routines and the same ruts. Make some new, sober ruts!!

Day T-82 (or 18 depending on how you want to look at it)


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One Response to kumbaya

  1. laskogirl79 says:

    Not a fan of smore’s either. It’s too much. : ) enjoying your blog, i can relate to so much. the camp out sounds great! fun fun! be well. n

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